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Natural Teeth Whitening Tips That Can Change Your Life

We all have teeth but the difference is whiteness and the appearance of teeth varies for everybody. Though we can’t do much about the teeth style which was blessed but we can change teeth appearance. Many ignore the teeth color whether it’s light red or yellow or low whiten but we all notice the teeth color in other on first impression. Let’s check out some facts about teeth color how meaningful they are to others in first impression.

More than 70% of women judge a men based on his teeth – Survey

58% more chance of getting Job when your teeth whitens and looks nice – Kelton Research

teeth whitening tipsWhat else facts we need to understand how much white teeth can change your life. There are plenty of usual whitening methods like whitening toothpaste, mouth wash, and expensive treatments. But here are few tips and habits you should use and change to make teeth whitening.

Change Your Toothbrush:

Many who want their teeth whitening may do brushing twice or thrice but forget to take care about their brush. We have to change our brush every 3 months, or if your tooth brushe bristles bend and worn out.

Eat Vegetables:

Yes, we all know eating vegetables is good for your health. Eating nuts, raw carrots, apples, and cauliflower actually helps your teeth a lot. They will remove strains on your teeth and plaque that leads to cavities.

Coconut Oil:

HoHo! Just stop thinking yourself, Coconut Oil, yes it’s in everybody home at finger tips. But we don’t know how it helps our teeth. Rinsing your mouth with coconut oil will help in whitening teeth. Lauric acid in coconut oil can rid your plaque’s bacteria which makes the teeth yellow. Removing yellow color of teeth may not be completely possible with Coconut oil but it  will help in reducing yellow coloring and also act as preventer. Not only it promotes gum health and helps keep your breath fresh.

Dairy Products:

Dairy Products with minerals like Calcium and Phosphorus will make your teeth sparkling. Dairy Products like Cheese and Yoghurt will help in whitening your teeth. These will also help your teeth in keeping away from Cavities.

Lemon & Orange Peels

Lemon and Orange peels can be used to whiten your teeth. As these are natural fruits, there is no harm in trying them with little precaution. Don’t use the Orange and Lemon peels for longer time as they are acidic in nature which can damage the enamel of teeth. After using peels make sure to do oral cleaning with water.

Drink and Eat but Take Care:

We can’t change some habits easily, especially when you love drinking coffee or Juices or eating your favorite foods which  effects the color of teeth. Many don’t know that most of the juices can make their teeth turn in to Yellow. To keep your teeth whitening, Use Straw to drink cold beverage and juices. It is also recommended to floss and wash your mouth after eating a meal or some junk food. Doing so will keep your mouth and teeth safe.

These tips can be followed very easily instead of applying chemicals like Baking Soda, Hydrogen Per Oxide rinse to clean and whiten your teeth which needs extra precautions. Remember the simple tips and habits can keep your teeth whiten and healthy.

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  1. You are supposed to change it that often? I replace my brush every six months. I guess I should get some extras next time I go.

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