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Periodontal disease-a treatable cause of Bad Breath

Your dentist should be able to detect the periodontal pockets during routine exam. These areas are difficult to keep clean and may create a continuous supply of sulfur gases. The more areas that you have harboring these bacteria, the worse the breath will be.

bad breath

If you try:

  • Staying away from certain foods that are known to cause bad breath
  • Removing bacteria and food particles by brushing your teeth and flossing
  • Removing plaque from the tongue by tongue scraping
  • Making sure that your mouth does not become too dry

And still have bad breath; you may want to see your dentist. This is because anaerobic bacteria in your mouth may have found special places to hide. Normally there is a small 1-3 mm space bet6ween your gums and teeth. This is known as periodontal pocket or pocket for short. When pockets get to be 5mm or more they create deeper and more secluded hiding places for bacteria.

What creates these widened pockets which harbor bacteria? These deep pockets often result from the breakdown of the gums caused by periodontal disease.

If you have persistent bad breath, you should definitely see your dentist to find out if you have periodontal disease. Other symptoms of periodontal disease include

  • Tender gums
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Loosening and shifting teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Pain upon chewing
  • Receding gums or longer appearing teeth

If you have periodontal disease, your dentist can help you treat it and consequently treat the bad breath associated with it.

How can I keep my teeth and gums healthy?

  • Brush your teeth twice a day (with a fluoride toothpaste).
  • Floss regularly to remove plaque from between teeth. Or use a device such as a special brush or wooden or plastic pick recommended by a dental professional.
  • Visit the dentist routinely for a check-up and professional cleaning.
  • Don’t smoke



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