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Tooth Extraction Costs & Procedure

A day at the dentist could be tiring especially for a tooth extraction. Dental conditions are among the most common issues people face these days due to changing lifestyles and habits we do not insist on our day to day lives. Among the most common problems that people have faced for over a century is tooth decay.

Today tooth decay is not much of a deal with solutions such as tooth extraction possible. Tooth extractions are commonly used in cases where on has damaged teeth, broken or sometimes decayed. The tooth is removed completely from the socket bone is cases where the tooth is damaged beyond repair. This method has become very common these days. Sometimes the dentist might also recommend extraction for making space in your mouth for orthodontia or in case of any infection risks.

A dentist performs the task of tooth extraction and what you could expect from it varies. Also, the cost of the same depends on various factors that include which type of extraction is being used and the type of teeth one might have.

Tooth Extraction Cost majorly varies based on routine, surgical and baby tooth extractions. Simple tooth extraction of a permanent tooth costs about % 102 to $ 206. In this case, it refers to the standard in complicated removal methods for the teeth. The tooth that is being pulled is

  • Is erupted
  • is almost in normal orientation
  • positioning is normal with respect to jaw bones
  • May or may not depending have a portion of it missing due to fracture, tooth decay or loss restoration in some cases.

Teeth Extraction CostThe fee also includes the anesthetic and sutures after the completion. In most case, it will also include the routine that the patient will have to follow in the next 30 days after the extraction. The fee will cover no supplementary sedation or x-ray costs.

In case of a surgical tooth extraction method, the cost varies from $179.00 to $353.00. This method is predominantly preferred in cases where the tooth that is being extracted in

  • Erupted in a fairly normal orientation
  • In case it needs additional care and steps such as trimming the surrounding bones,

In most cases, this methods gets followed when the tooth that came out broke below or above the jawline and hence needs additional care and steps to be performed after simply removing it.

The third one is removal of baby tooth or commonly called deciduous tooth which costs about $51.00 to $94.00

While this is not mostly advised or preferred considering the fact that most milk teeth are wiggled or not in good position one might have to resort to these in case of possibilities that say that the teeth might never grow properly such as in cases of “rootless” state.

The tooth extraction cost is almost constant in most cases and might vary based on how many teeth is tooth need to be extracted based on the damage. Also, the cost might become little higher when we consider the cases where the dentist might have to attend to a much higher level complicated situation. Such adjustments are not very common in the field and hence might involve a large fluctuation in cost.

Sometimes the costs also fall below what was expected especially in the case where the patient has opted for a big-ticket item. In most cases, such price fall happens when multiple teeth extraction that have been causing hindrance are done during one single appointment.

There is no such beauty for a person than to have a flawless and beautiful smile cover the face. Dental care and attending to dental issues at the right time can help in fixing up the issues on might have to face. Also, the increasing number of dental care centers will make this easier on the population.


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