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Top Dentists in St. Paul, MN

Finding the Perfect Smile in St. Paul: A Guide to Dental Clinics

Maintaining good oral health is crucial for overall well-being, and St. Paul boasts a diverse range of dental clinics to cater to your needs. Whether you’re seeking routine checkups, specialized procedures, or care for the whole family, this guide provides a starting point for navigating the St. Paul dental landscape.

For Comprehensive Care:

  • St. Paul Dental Center: Renowned for its patient-centric approach and advanced technology, St. Paul Dental Center offers a comprehensive spectrum of services, from general dentistry to dental implants. They boast exceptional ratings and convenient scheduling options.

  • Saint City Dental: Led by experienced dentists Dr. Ben Thomas and Dr. Bob Maley, Saint City Dental prioritizes patient comfort and utilizes innovative techniques to deliver general and cosmetic dentistry services.

  • Great River Dental, P.A.: This established practice offers a warm and welcoming environment while providing general and restorative dentistry services for patients of all ages.

Specialized Services:

  • HealthPartners Dental Clinic St. Paul: Part of the renowned HealthPartners network, this clinic delivers a wide range of services, including general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontics.

  • Hope Dental Clinic: Dedicated to serving the community, Hope Dental Clinic provides free dental care and education for children, teens, and adults who qualify.

Additional Resources:

  • The Minnesota Dental Association ( offers a directory of dental clinics across the state, including filters for location and accepted insurance.

  • Consider browsing online review platforms to gain insights from other patients’ experiences.

Dental Cleanings and Examinations in St. Paul, MN: Ensure the longevity of your oral health with routine dental cleanings and examinations in St. Paul, MN. Trust in specialized clinics equipped with experienced professionals who meticulously clean your teeth, inspect for any potential issues, and provide personalized advice for maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

Dental Fillings in St. Paul, MN: When dental cavities strike, seek expert care from clinics in St. Paul, MN specializing in dental fillings. These clinics utilize advanced techniques and materials, such as composite resin or traditional amalgam, to effectively restore your teeth’s integrity and functionality.

Dental Crowns in St. Paul, MN: Revitalize damaged or decayed teeth with precision-crafted dental crowns from specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. These clinics offer tailored solutions, employing high-quality materials to ensure your crowns blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, restoring both aesthetics and function.

Bridges Treatment in St. Paul, MN: Regain confidence in your smile with bridges treatment from dedicated clinics in St. Paul, MN. Expert practitioners meticulously design and place fixed dental prosthetics, bridging the gap caused by missing teeth, and restoring your ability to chew and speak comfortably.

Dental Implants in St. Paul, MN: Experience the transformative power of dental implants at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. These clinics boast state-of-the-art facilities and skilled professionals who surgically implant artificial tooth roots, providing durable support for replacement teeth or bridges, restoring both function and appearance.

Root Canal Therapy in St. Paul, MN: Find relief from tooth pain with expert root canal therapy at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. Skilled endodontists utilize advanced techniques to effectively treat infected or damaged tooth pulp, preserving your natural teeth and alleviating discomfort.

Teeth Extractions in St. Paul, MN: Resolve dental issues promptly with expert teeth extractions at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. Whether addressing damaged, decayed, or problematic teeth, these clinics prioritize patient comfort and safety, ensuring a smooth extraction process and optimal recovery.

Orthodontic Treatment in St. Paul, MN: Achieve a straighter, healthier smile with personalized orthodontic treatment at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. Expert orthodontists employ cutting-edge techniques, such as braces or aligners, to correct misaligned teeth and jaw issues, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Teeth Whitening in St. Paul, MN: Illuminate your smile with professional teeth whitening services at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. Utilizing safe and effective methods, experienced dental professionals brighten discolored or stained teeth, helping you regain confidence in your radiant smile.

Dental Bonding Treatment in St. Paul, MN: Enhance the appearance of your smile with precise dental bonding treatment at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. Skilled practitioners expertly apply tooth-colored resin to repair or improve the look of chipped, cracked, or stained teeth, restoring both beauty and functionality.

Gum Disease Treatment in St. Paul, MN: Combat gum inflammation and periodontal disease with comprehensive treatment at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. Experienced periodontists perform scaling and root planing procedures to effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup, promoting healthy gums and overall oral wellness.

Dentures in St. Paul, MN: Regain the ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently with customized dentures from specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. These clinics offer personalized solutions to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues, restoring both function and aesthetics for a better quality of life.

Mouthguards in St. Paul, MN: Protect your teeth from grinding, clenching, and sports-related injuries with custom-fitted mouthguards from specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. Expert practitioners ensure optimal fit and comfort, safeguarding your oral health during physical activities and while you sleep.

TMJ Treatment in St. Paul, MN: Alleviate jaw pain and dysfunction with specialized TMJ treatment at clinics in St. Paul, MN. Skilled professionals offer personalized management plans tailored to your needs, utilizing various techniques to restore comfort and functionality to your temporomandibular joint.

Pediatric Dentistry in St. Paul, MN: Nurture healthy smiles from a young age with specialized pediatric dentistry services in St. Paul, MN. These clinics offer gentle, compassionate care tailored to children’s unique needs, emphasizing preventive treatments and education to instill lifelong oral hygiene habits.

Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Paul, MN: Transform your smile with personalized cosmetic dentistry services at specialized clinics in St. Paul, MN. From veneers to smile makeovers, experienced dental professionals utilize advanced techniques and materials to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.


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