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4 Yoga Poses to Get Relief in Hot Summer

DentalTipsforAll brings you a special yoga tips for hot summer. As we now entering to the season of summer, many face problems like Thirstiness, Head Ache, Eye Dizziness Sun Strokes and De-Hydration problems. To get rid of these problems, Yoga has 4 special Asana.

Sitkari Pranayam: Practice this by sitting in Vajrasana and Twist your tongue roundedly inside mouth. Now breathe air in the mouth for 5 seconds and leave the air through Nose. Keep your hands in Chin Mudra while doing this Asana. Continue doing it for five minutes. Sitkari Pranayam will help in staying away from Problems like fever, headaches, eye dizziness and vomiting sensation, water from eyes, Gall Bladder infections.

Chandrabhedan Pranayam: Sit in Vajrasana or Sukhasana and inhale air through left nose and exhale through right nose. After inhaling, Place your left hand thumb finger on left nose softly for five seconds and release the air through right nose. Also keep your Right hand in Chinmudra and continue the asana for five minutes. This Pranayam will help in preventing Thirstiness, eye dizziness, Sun Stroke, Fever and palpitations.

Yoga 2

JalaMudra: This Asana will help in maintaining constant water levels in body. To practice, Jala Mudra, Sit in Vajrasana and Keep your thumb finger on Baby Finger and point the other fingers straight. Do not practice Jala Mudra more than five minutes in day. JalaMudra keeps away from Sun Stroke, Helps in staying away from High Blood Pressure.

jala mudra

Shashank Asanam: Its difficult one compared to the above but helps in maintaining minerals in your body. Sit in Vajrasana and slowly stand on your knees and keep your hands straight towards front. Make sure your head touches ground and breath gently. Keep doing it for half minute. This Asana is very helpful in get rid of Mineral deficiency.

shashank asana

Before doing yoga, It is advised to take proper guidance. Check out the Videos explaining the above yoga and practice them.  Let us know if you have practiced the above yoga poses and how it worked for you!. We would love to hear from you.

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